A Simple Plan: Cars

The Process On How The First Car Was Started To The Car We Have Nowadays.

It can be interesting to understand the history of the automobile that we currently have. The current cars are comfortable, classic, speedy and they have an attractive look. There are various models depending on the comfort you want and cost of the car.Therefore, the following are the events that happened from the beginning of the first car.

The first automobile dated back in 1769.The automobiles that were being used during this time looked different from the cars that we have today.They appeared more like carriages that horses used to pull. Later, people decided it would be a good idea to have carriages that do not need horses to pull them. They discovered that the solution was to make carriages with engines. The carriages were known as horseless carriages though they did not pick well.

Years later in 1876, an internal engine was invented that consumed petrol energy by a German engineer called Nikolas Otto.The first time that a usable engine was made was at this time. Experimental cars that used petrol as the main source of fuel were then used to test the engine.

Cars that consumed petrol were designed in 1885 by mechanics and engineers and were made available to citizens. The modern cars cannot be compared with those cars because they were slow, and they had three big wheels.

In 1908, the first reliable car was developed. it was known as Ford Model T and driving it was much better. The car was available to many people because it was produced in large quantities.The car was finally affordable to more families as the mass production reduced the production cost thereby reducing the cost of the car.

Volkswagen Beetle was the first car that became popular.It was designed in the 1930s by Ferdinand Porsche but could only be manufactured in 1945 due to the Second World War.The car became popular to many people because it was not expensive to run, it was strong, and it was not easy to break down.

Many countries all over the world in the 1950s did have disposable income, and they could show their wealth by purchasing big cars and then customize them. Among the car parts that were being used were fins, tail lights, electronic windows and they became famous.Unfortunately, the large cars used to consume a lot of petrol though the price of petrol was not high and people had income.

Cars started becoming famous in the 1960s with people like James Bond who used to drive Aston Martin. Though, cars had not reached to many people in the world until in the 1980s.

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