How to stop someone from drunk driving and get help if something like this happens

Almost all of us were once a part of a situation like this, stopping someone from operating the vehicle when drunk, or being the person willing to operate the car in this condition. Preventing someone to enter the car after consuming alcohol can be a very hard task, considering how it affects the brain, but if there is no way to prevent it, you must be work over reducing the damage done.

Talk to the drunk person

Moreover, talking with a person can be helpful. Consider giving a friendly advice of taking a taxi instead, or offer a ride home if there is no other option. But remember that you must speak softly, with very pragmatic arguments, since the person you are speaking to is not conscious enough to understand you in other way.

This may sound very easy, but we are all aware that it is easier said than done. Most of the people decide to drunk drive and even make problems when a discussion pops up, or even start acting violently towards the person approaching with a small talk. If this happens, make sure that you are being the smart, sober person in the scenario, and in order to understand it, here you can find some facts over what does alcohol does to a person’s brain.

If the damage is already done, make sure that you are thinking rational enough in order to get some legal help if something like this occurs.

Consider having a professional help

Only a small number of people are aware enough not to operate with their vehicle when being drunk, but besides this is a common issue, it must be taken very seriously. Many of the cases in which there is a drunk driver involved are ending tragic, and even the ones that are not following this group, are ending up with smaller injuries. But however, when something like this happens, the authorities are taking care about it, and if you are the person operating with the vehicle, you can be in a serious trouble, considering how cruel are the law when this occurs.

If some of the previously mentioned accusation are dropped over you, the best thing to do is to consider hiring a lawyer. No matter if you are an adult, or a person below the age of legally operating with a vehicle, the problem has already occurred and now is the time to think rational about what can be done in order to suffer the smallest sentences or to get through it if you have a verified alibi. But the main thing that must be considered is that you can’t go through your defense all by yourself. The person pressing the charges over you can use your vulnerability in the situation, using your emotions and leading you to a trap. But if you’ve decided to hire a lawyer, this option won’t be considered as possible. Make sure that you’ve made a good research and that there are law companies near that can serve you as help. The first thing you need to consider is finding a legal help, so for example, if you live in Houston, consider looking at DWI lawyers Houston in order to get a certain help. The person you’ve paid to will make everything that is in his power to get you out of the trouble, or simply to make the charges as small as possible, in order to save your future, or your reputation.

Remember that not everything is as black and white as you may think it is when involved in the scenario by yourself. There are always some evidences that can serve in your good, or a good made case in which all the factors that have led you to this scenario will be considered.


If you can’t prevent the things, you can always consult someone that has enough knowledge in helping you find the best legal way out. Hiring a lawyer will help you minimize the sentence and reduce your stress when thinking about your future, so it is better to find someone that will stand near you and make you a good defense case.