Benefits Offered by High Bay LED lighting

High Bay LED lighting is something typically found in factor, gymnasium or warehouse settings. In most cases, this lighting is most efficient in large, open areas that have relatively high ceilings. Currently, there are a large number of high bay and low bay lighting applications that are using high-intensity discharge or HID lamps, such as high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.

Even though they are used by many facilities, HID lamps are quite antiquated compared to more energy efficient and brighter Led lamps. Some of the specific benefits of using LEDs in high bay lighting can be found here.

Significant Energy Savings

Energy savings is the main driver of why a company should consider LED lighting for their facility or building. The common wattage for the LED high bay fixtures usually ranges between 95 to 495 watts. The wattage of a typical HID high bay fixture in that same range is between 175 and 1000 watts.

As a result, when a company switches to LED lights they will be reducing their energy consumption right away by up to 60 percent. This represents a monetary savings of $300 per fixture annually. The saved funds can then be used for other critical business functions to encourage growth and profitability.

Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Another benefit of converting to LEDs is that there will be a significant reduction in the maintenance needs of the high bay light fixtures. This is because LEDs generate light differently than other bulbs, which means they don’t blow out as often. In fact, LED bulbs can last years longer than traditional HID bulbs, reducing the need to change or maintain the fixtures.

In the long run, this will also help a company or organization save money, because they won’t be purchasing as many bulbs and they won’t have to continually have their maintenance staff working on the fixtures.

When it comes to lighting a large space, there is no question that powerful lighting fixtures and bulbs are needed. In most cases, LED bulbs are going to be the best option available. Being informed and knowing the benefits offered by these bulbs is the best way to determine if they are the right option for a certain building.