The Benefits and Drawbacks of Driving

Many people never get behind the wheel of a car, as they simply feel the negatives outweigh the positives. They may believe they don’t have the funds needed to own and operate a car, they may be scared of being hurt or hurting someone else or they might simply lack the desire to drive. For others, it’s a matter of lacking the time needed to learn how to drive and then taking the test.

In fact, some people actually get their driver’s license and then never make use of it. For most, however, getting a driver’s license is a means to independence and they cannot wait for the day they achieve their goal. Why is driving good in the eyes of many and bad in the minds of others?

The Positives

Freedom is the main reason many people opt to get a driver’s license. They want to be able to go wherever they want on their schedule. The fact they can operate a motor vehicle gives them the independence they may otherwise not have.

In addition, many companies now ask if a person has a reliable vehicle before hiring them, as the company wants to know they will be fully staffed in times of need. Finally, a person can head out and get items when they need them, as opposed to waiting for someone to pick these items up or take them to make the purchase.

The Drawbacks

Driving can be dangerous, as one cannot control other people on the road. Even the most careful driver may find they end up in an accident. Owning a car isn’t a cheap proposition either, and using public transportation may be the better option when it is easily available and affordable. Finally, cars add to air pollution, and this is of concern to many individuals.

To learn more, visit People need to fully understand the benefits and drawbacks of this activity before deciding if it is right for them.

Individuals often assume they must drive if they don’t live in a major city or have no need to drive if they have ample access to public transportation. However, much more should go into making the decision as to whether to pursue this goal, and the article provides information every person should have.