Why Many Singapore Homes Now Include Lifts

Singapore house hunters who want the ultimate in stylish amenities often search for homes with lifts. They are not difficult to find because home lift installation in Singapore is becoming fairly common. Owners might add them as aids to the physically challenged or elderly. Beautifully-designed lifts are also considered space-saving focal points that increase property values.

Lifts Are Ideal for the Mobility Challenged

Homeowners may install lifts in order to accommodate elderly or disabled residents. Once projects are complete their homes still retain the original stairways but have lifts discretely installed nearby. Lifts allow caregivers to safely move patients from floor to floor. Many seniors are able to retain their independence with the help of home lifts, even if they are in wheelchairs. In some cases lifts allow the mobility challenged to work from home and access every room with ease. Clients also order lifts in order to make homes safer for children who are too small to navigate stairs.

Custom Lifts Can Save Interior Space

Some homeowners install lifts instead of stairs for convenience. Exterior lifts allow safe, easy access from the outside of a house. Homeowners can then use interior stairway spaces to add other equipment or even additional living areas. Since lifts use vertical space, they can be tucked into fairly small areas, even when installed indoors. Some residential lifts take up less area than a closet. In fact, companies who provide and install lifts specialize in designing them for awkward spaces.

Home Lifts Improve Property Values

As soon as owners install lifts their property values increase. Many house hunters like the convenience of lifts and will pay premium prices for homes with them pre-installed. Lifts make it easy to carry household items from one story to the next. Cleaning is simpler and quicker since supplies and tools like vacuum cleaners are easily transported. Modern home lifts can also be customized to fit any decor. Companies that provide them will create elegant versions which are beautiful architectural features.

It is becoming common for Singapore homeowners to install lifts in their homes in order to accommodate family members with mobility issues. Exterior lifts or compact interior models also help save living space. In addition, home lifts increase property values.