Accident in Public

If you have suffered an accident in a public area such as an uneven footpath, pavement, or a slab in a shopping center, shop, cafe, restaurant or leisure center, you may be eligible for compensation if you suffered injury.

Accidents in public are a common occurrence in our day and many people trip or slip each year in public places. It is the responsibility of public environments to prevent such accidents from happening by ensuring that they comply with health and safety regulations. If you happen to suffer an accident in public, you should note down the events surrounding it in an accident book if one is found in the public area where you experienced your accident. In order for you to make a successful public accident claim, proving that the public building you experienced the accident at was liable for your accident is the first thing.

The law requires that all public buildings keep all the areas clean, dry and free of obstacles. They are also required to put up signs if the floors are wet and place mats on the floors if possible to ensure that anyone walking on their floors is safe from slipping accidents. If you experience an accident in public that involves uneven pavements or roads among other features, the claim that you can make will be against the local authority, which is responsible for looking after all pavements and roads in the area.

When making an accident in public claim, you need to gather witnesses who saw how your accident happened so that you can prove that the local authority or building owners were liable for your accident. The witness will be able to offer evidence that you tripped, slipped and fell due to the floor conditions in the area of your accident. It is also important that you take photographs of the area.

You have the legal and civil right to make a claim for compensation for an accident in public caused by anything that was not your fault, but the fault of another person such as a building owner, shop owner or local authority. In order to make a successful claim, you should contact a good lawyer who will help you get the compensation that you deserve. The lawyer should be one who focuses in accidents suffered in public places because such a lawyer will know have all the knowhow needed when it comes to making your claim successful.