Specialist Software Is Now Available For Personal Injury Lawyers

Accidents occur everywhere on a daily basis – on the roads, in the workplace, in public places such as stores and shops, and in the home. Many of these are due to negligence on the part of one of the parties involved, or might be due to a manufacturing fault in an appliance. With so many accidents occurring, some legal practices do little else these days other than deal with personal injury cases.

Personal injury lawyers need a way to stay on top of every case, keeping track of each individual client and maintaining detailed records of their injuries. This is particularly important in the case of a client whose injuries may progressively worsen resulting in a gradual reduction in the ability to perform a certain action, or whose injuries are likely to cause this to happen in the future.

This is why personal injury case management software has been developed to enable lawyers to stay on top of each and every case. It helps to keep track of vital information which could have a serious effect, one way or the other, on the outcome of the case. As far as any lawyer is concerned this is crucial when working on a contingency basis, as most practices do these days. It is essential that the client receives every penny that the law says is due, and of course it is in the interest of the practice to see that this happens as well.

Personal injury software can perform a number of different functions and requires the information to be input on the matter one time only. This completely eliminates repetitive routine typing and searching for information manually. Documents and forms can be printed automatically with all the details of the case completed, which means that pre-printed headed stationery is no longer required. This cuts out the cost of printer management and saves office space storing printed paper.

It is also possible to obtain software which is compliant with the processes agreed with the Ministry of Justice which results in quicker agreement on liability
and payment in the case of low cost RTA injury claims up to a figure of 25,000. The portal allows the exchange of all of the documentation that is related to the claim.

There is no need to use time sheets, because the software has built-in time tracking. Every document produced is automatically costed and time-recorded, and tracked. The workflow process automatically creates tasks and completes them. All information is regularly backed up so there is no risk of losing any vital information about the case.

Accounts can be set up for every employee in the firm who may have tasks to carry out concerning personal injury claims, which means that everyone will be on the same page in the case of any individual client. It is possible to customise the security settings so that you can control who has access or is denied access to any particular piece of information.

On the subject of security, as the software is cloud-based all data is sent by a 128-Bit secure encrypted connection which is of the same type that is used by the banks. Thus your client files are completely confidential with access only available to those approved to have it.

Clients are notified automatically of progress of their case and they can log in at any time to check documentation or upload or download it. This increases the level of client satisfaction. You can also send emails to the client directly from the programme and invoices can be sent directly when it is time to bill.

Overall, personal injury case management software is simple to use and new users can understand it very quickly, which means that they will need less support. It reduces the time required to complete a case from beginning to end and also reduces the number of support staff required. More claims can be handled by less staff which does wonders for the overall profitability of the firm.

Any firm of lawyers involved in personal injury claims should certainly investigate the capabilities of modern personal injury software. The investment in such software will pay dividends in the long haul.

Driving While Drunk is a Big Reason For Road Accidents

In the first place, driving on the road after drinking wine is not legally prohibited in our country but there’s a legal limit that you must not exceed. If you drink wine more than the legally allowed amount of wine in a way that you cannot keep your senses in working conditions, you cannot take your car out of the garage to drive on the road. The police arrest – as part of their professional duty – all the drivers or car owners containing the excessive alcohol amount in the blood.
Is DUI offense a minor thing?

Some people consider DUI offense a minor thing and do not contact any beach DUI attorneys in Palm Beach Florida while others who know the severity of the crime take no time in hiring a good DUI attorney so that they can help protect their legal rights. In our country, the police arrest millions of drivers for committing the same crime but it is a serious matter that this crime shows no signs of abating lately.

The increasing number of alcohol-impaired crashes

Without a doubt, the increasing number of alcohol-impaired crashes is seriously grave since it makes allowance for losing precious human lives at any time of day or especially night. Accordingly to a careful approximation, DUI crimes cause 30 traffic casualties out of every 100. Driving while drunk is a big reason for road accidents each day that passes.
Can you face the DUI case alone?

No matter what, you cannot face a DUI case alone because you do not have practical experience in the legal justice system nor do you have any knowledge of DUI laws. One million annual arrests of drivers for driving under the influence is no joke.

After you have been arrested for committing DUI crime, the very first step that you have to take is to contact a good, expert & experienced DUI attorney who can provide legal assistance to you. You should have an experienced DUI attorney who can represent you expertly and successfully.
How to get out of that sticky situation?

So, whenever you get involved in a DUI situation, you are not supposed to look here & there – you are supposed to contact a good DUI attorney who can help you get out of that sticky situation with a bang. A knowledgeable DUI attorney is well aware of legal demands because they live in the legal justice system day in and day out. This is why nobody else is supposed to beat an experienced lawyer in understanding the legal system and the way it can work wonders for their clients.
Manage the best defense before appearing in the court

Every year, one million DUI drivers are arrested for driving while they are not in their senses because of the action of alcoholic drinks. The best part is that you can avail of the free consultation that will make up your mind whether or not you should hire an experienced DUI attorney or go it alone. Unless you are sure that you have managed the best defense, you are not supposed to appear before the Honorable judge.

The criminal court deals with DUI cases or DUI charges no matter what estate you belong to or live in. Do not forget that it is a crime to drive under the influence.
In the final analysis

Navigating case proceedings is their job, so they can better understand what to do in the courtroom, what to avoid, who to avoid, when to speak, and when to stay silent. An experienced DUI attorney knows where to speak, and where to present the proof in writing.

A drunken driving case is packed with legal requirements, complications, rules, and standards. The lawyer stays up-to-date with every new law as part of their professional job.

Persistent Legal Work Pays Off – Injury in an Accident – Who’s Held Liable?

Taxi owners in New York consistently create individual corporations for each taxi medallion/taxicab, even if they own dozens. This case involved a very sophisticated businessman who owned approximately a dozen taxi cab companies, each of which operated as part of a larger enterprise but, appeared to the public to be individual operations. At the time I took over the case, it appeared that our client, who had lost his leg from the knee down as a result of the accident, would be limited to the minimal (twenty five thousand dollar) policy on the car that hit him. Fortunately, after some hard work and effective motion practice we were able to negotiate a settlement of close to one million dollars, still less than what the injury would have been worth in a clear liability case but, almost forty times what he stood to get before the work was done.

The cornerstone of the revised strategy arose at the defendant’s deposition. The witness, a dispatcher, testified that she was employed by the same company that owned the cab but, when I pressed her to produce a pay stub, which she had in her pocket, we found out she was actually employed by one of the other companies owned by the same man. We then learned that the dispatch office, garage, book keeping staff, etc., were all shared among the various companies.

My research turned up a New York State Supreme Court case from a few years earlier that dealt favorably (for our purposes) with a similar situation. The court in that case held that when a group of companies operates as a single entity but, presents itself as discrete corporations, it constitutes a “fraud upon the public” which can be redressed by holding all the companies and maybe even the principals liable, instead of limiting the injured party’s right to recovery to just the one, small corporation with no assets and minimal insurance coverage. The theory was applicable but, there were several obstacles to overcome.

The first problem was that the statute of limitations had long since run out on the case, meaning that it was too late to start a new lawsuit naming the other corporations as defendants. In order to overcome this, we had to rely on a theory of law called the relation back doctrine. This legal doctrine holds, in part, that if a party who is not named in the lawsuit is closely related to the parties that are and, that party is aware of the claims and, that party knows it should have been named, in the first place, it can be added to the lawsuit, even if the statute of limitations has run out. Here, we argued that not only were those elements met but, that if it weren’t for the sneaky way the companies were set up, we would have known they were viable defendants from the outset.

The second problem was that even after we named all these different companies it was unclear to what extent each one would be responsible for our client’s injuries and, it was also unclear how much insurance coverage they would have to satisfy his claims. To complicate matters, several of the companies had been dissolved and, it was unclear what, if any assets any of them actually owned. Here we got lucky.

In the time between the accident and the addition of these other parties to the lawsuit, the owner of the companies had sold all of them, lock, stock and barrel, to Coach Transportation, the giant Canadian bus company. While this still left open the issue of whether we could actually prove Coach was liable, it eliminated the questions about whether there would be any money available at the end of the day to compensate our client.

Ultimately, after some further discovery, including a long, intense deposition of the former owner that revolved mainly around the maze of corporations he had created and the way they worked together, we settled for close to a million dollars.

As I noted above, this was a discount for a below the knee amputation, even in a conservative venue like Nassau County but, even though we won on some important procedural issues that allowed us to add the other companies and, ultimately Coach, as defendants, there was a serious question as to whether, when push came to shove, the case could actually be proven against them. If it couldn’t, our client would be stuck with the same twenty five thousand dollars that was on the table from the get go. In the end, he made the right decision. He would have been taking too big a risk by taking the case to trial.

This is just one example of the many times that innovative, assertive legal work can overcome some of the obstacles that personal injury plaintiffs face in their quest for justice.